MS Managing Limited provides strategic coaching, professional development and counselling for small business owners, entrepreneurs and self-employed professionals. The core services that will be offered from day one will be:

  • Two Year Strategic mind set Program: these quarterly workshops include strategic planning, peer advisory counselling, marketing/sales planning, accountability processes, and business planning and work/life balance implementation.
  • One-on-One Coaching includes ongoing reinforcement to support Strategic Coaching program, professional development coaching, leadership, career or management coaching.
  • On Demand Coaching (for time restricted clients) includes but is not limited to, private and objective business or professional coaching, affordable and “on-demand,” access to coaching via phone/email.
  • Special Projects includes strategic business planning and implementation, marketing plans and implementation, leadership development, people management and systematizing businesses.
  • determines the appropriate method of data collection and research methodology, analyses and interprets information gained and formulates and implements recommendations and solutions;
  • advises governments, commercial enterprises, organisations and other clients in light of research findings.